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    This might seem silly but would it be possible to add decimals to the weight field for the scale addicts?. I am runing to lose weight and my scales go in .2 lb increments. Psychologically seeing 173.2 is better than seeing 173.8. Smile I know a lot of that can be fluctuations in water weight and all that but it makes me feel better Smile I keep it in an excel sheet right now but would be nice to have it all in one place. Apart from that, I'm loving this place. Thankyou so much. Most importantly for the intervals.. I am a new runner and I can just about do 2 miles. Seeing my time splits for 1/4 mile marks and how they change gives my number crunching inner nerd much joy Smile Thanks again Eric.
      Morkai, I understand the desire to record fractional pounds/kg. I stare at the scale on a daily basis myself hoping to lose a few more pounds. Recording fractional weight is a double edged sword. It can make you feel good one day, and depressed the next. I like to keep it as a whole number for now, because I'm sure that when you get to your target weight and look back, the fractional weights will just blend into the noise of the general downward trend. I hope you understand. However, I like to add that my opinion can be over ruled. if there are other users that feel fractional weight is important, then I'll have it added. eric Smile