Batch edit workout type (Read 114 times)


    I want to include all runs in the personal records calculation but when they are imported they are set to a default workout type and not included in the PRs.  I don't want to go back and do this one by one if at all possible.  Is there any way to: 1) edit all the current workouts to "Race" type at once; and 2) set the default workout type to Race for all future file imports?


    Thanks in advance.


      There is no such option yet.  I am planning to add it in a future release.  I don't think you should label everything as "Race" for the sake of displaying them as PRs, especially if they're just every day workouts.  The reason is that you'll most certainly run faster in a real race than on your own.  Labeling everything as a race will also result in a long list of PRs for weird distances.  Is that what you really want?


      Still, it is your log so you can decide how you want to use it.  When you import your GPS data, it should use prefill the workout type from your previous workout so it would be set to race automatically.