Half Marathon end of March (Read 63 times)


    I have my first half marathon race coming up. I’ve done 13 miles road before & 14 miles trail but not official races. I’ve been training for the half up to 10.5 miles last weekend.


    Yesterday I had a walking event 25 miles & 6000 ft of elevation! My legs are in bits today … just about to foam roll, massage gun etc!

    just wondering on advice how to progress my training this week planned a long run next Sunday  hope my legs will be ok! 

    usually in a week I do:

    3 x weight based training sessions

    2 x cardio based sessions - these can be my runs

    2 x smaller runs / 1 long run

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      Your task now is to recover and show up at the race fresh and ready to go; there's no benefit for the half the marathon to be gained by workouts this week.  Just a few light (very easy) jogs during the week to keep loose. Recover for a few days, do the weight stuff if it is important to you, and then your 4 easy runs.


      Update -- after re-reading your post a few times, I'm not sure you mean you half marathon is this coming Sunday (ie, 6 days hence), or not? My feedback above assumes your race is this coming weekend.


      If the half isn't this coming weekend, then focus on recovery for a few days with walks and stretching, then pick up your plan heading into your long run Sunday...ie, just carry on.

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        Inspiring post hope you the best of luck.


        I am going to try to train to a half marathon myself. I finished a 10k today on the treadmill at my gym very happy. i am going to try the next step and progress to where I can run a half marathon distance at a 4-5mph pace.


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