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    Hi, my name is Nick and I'm running cross country this coming season. My school hosts a training program where runners are ro complete 300 miles in 9 weeks (from June 15- august 15th)  I have 230.8 miles, but  the website says I have 214.2. So I am missing the first two weeks if my training wich is 16.6 miles. I tried to re enter then and they still wouldn't show up. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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      Hi Nick,

      You currently have more than 230 miles in your log.  Is it still a problem?  If not, please tell me what your log should look like.


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        I added all the miles together and it came to 214.2, but it should be 230.8. It's not showing the first two weeks when I first started running 6/15-6/28 in result of this I'm missing 16.6 miles. And I need 300 miles by August 15th.


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          Let the computer do the math for you...go into your Training Log and run a report:


          Training Log


          New Search

          Date Range = Custom

          First date field = 6/15/2015

          Activity = Run

          Search to run the report


          In the workout list that comes up, click the Summary button in the top right.

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            It worked. Thanks!!

            But do you know why it wasn't showing on the regular screen that shows my miles weekly?

              Hi Nick,

              The summary page does not sure everything. For example, the weekly distance widget only shows distances fit the last 6 weeks. June 28 if probably 7 weeks ago so it's not displayed.


              There is no need to manually sum up your mileage. Do what milktruck suggested or add an overall distance widget onto your summary page.


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