Roll call. Who's NOT injured on here? (Read 1150 times)

    This is in NO WAY meant to rub it in for our friends on IR. We've all been there--or will be there someday--and it's no fun. But with the preponderance of injury-related threads on here I didn't want to give any newcomers the impression that this place is some kind of virtual infirmary for the perpetually injured. So I figured it might be a good thing to take roll of who's NOT injured. Just talking positive. To help us through Winter. I'll start... I'm healthy as a frickin horse. Nothing hurts. My knees, shins, ankles, feet, hips, but, quads, hammys, calves, back and everything else related to running, or not running, feel AWESOME. In fact, I feel like I could charge up Mt. Washington RIGHT NOW and then charge back down and bench press a car. This despite being a scrawny little bastard. Usually by this point in the winter I've stepped in a hole in the pitch black or slipped on a chunk of ice and turned an ankle or suffered some other non-running running injury. Right now? Nothing. I'm a well oiled machine, just working on making the machine faster. Who else is NOT injured?

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      YAY! I'm not injured too. I've had to be very careful with building the mileage back up to a level I can maintain and I'm not there yet. The whole process of going from cycling to running for me will take about 15 weeks. Then it wiil be another 12 weeks until I get my mileage where I want it. The key for me has been patience, to a painful degree. Since I've taken it so easy, I feel great and I just want to fly! It's taken some serious restraint to shut off the treamill, or take the short trail back to the car. However, I know how important caution is. I started running 15 years ago and experienced countless injuries. Too much too soon was the culprit probably 90% of the time. To everyone who is injured... Yeah, it sucks. Bad. But you will come back. Make sure you cross train to the extent you can. Keep in mind that with some injuries, even cross training is too much. Use your judgement...or better yet, some professional advice. But most of all, stay positive. Good luck!
        I'm not injured. I'm not ready to run up Mt. Washington yet (maybe Mt. Wachusetts in the Spring) but, I'm in a good place with my personal mix of rowing & running.
          I have spent the last two years building a solid base and just completed a 178 mile month. My longest by 30 miles. This is coming off of a 148 mile month in December, which had been my longest month. The best part is, nothing hurts!

            Great idea for a thread. I started running last August. I have been training conservatively. Slowly increasing my mileage and not worrying much about the pace. I am up to 25+ mile per week, having my first 100 mile month in January. I haven't been injured since I started, and I feel good.. I have learned a lot from these forums, and I am thankful for that. Smile

              "I feel good” too. From 54-year old arthritic Couch Potato to 70 miles/month … 7 months injury-free. Last summer I started running 6 miles/week and have tripled that to 18 miles/week. If my schedule works out according to plan, and nothing untoward occurs, by the time I've been running for a full year I'll be up to 30 miles/week. One out of every 4 weeks I schedule a "rest week", (about 50% less mileage), and do XT and stretching every week. Keep on keepin' on.... Smile Modified to add ... knock on wood. Yikes!
                221 miles in January. My first 50+ week ... and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, in a row. PR's in time trials from the 400m to 2 miles. Never ran more than 145 in a month before this month, at least not in this running lifetime. And I'm at a weight I haven't seen in years. And I've never felt better. Feel amazing, actually. (Not that I'm recommending any of the above for anyone else!) About the only downside is that I'm actually starting to wonder if "addiction" might be an accurate term, and not necessarily in a good way. But I'm sure I could quit if I wanted to. Yeah, that's the ticket. (Denial is your friend). Good thread. I'll be watching it with interest because I think I'll see a pattern: I think most of the names that show up here, especially if they're running big miles, will have a pretty decent level of base mileage (and that if you did a roll call of the injured, you'd see the opposite). I know if I'd tried this a year ago, I'd be in a wheelchair by now. That said ... I wonder which one of us will be hurt first? Posting here makes me want to knock on wood. With that said, it's time to go running. Where's the damn snow I was promised?
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                  What if your injuries aren't from running?

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                      No running related injuries here- granted I don't run nearly as far as most of the guys on here and I'm only just getting to grips with this whole running malarky but I've really caught the bug this time and I've never felt better or enjoyed it more!!
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                        I'm a little of both. Does that count? I'm on my way to recovery and although I hurt, it's a good hurt! It's that kind of hurt that reminds me that I had a couple of good long quality runs in this week already. Nothing hurts better than some sore calves!
                          Still rollin'. Hoping for my first 60 mile week in 7 years.

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                            I'm not injured, per se, but I am sick to death of running in the snow. I'm back to my chronic pains that seem to go away once I get a few days of dry roads. I'm 99% certain that running on slippery footing is putting increased and abnormal stress on my lower legs (calves, shins, ankles, knees). And I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a pair of Yak Trax I saw in a store 2 weeks ago. We've had measurable snow nearly every day since and plenty of ice underneath on roadways. That damned groundhog had better be predicting an early Spring or so help me I will be yanking him out of his warm little hole and beating the crap outta him! Tongue k

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                              That said ... I wonder which one of us will be hurt first? Posting here makes me want to knock on wood.
                              yup...and that's why i'm not posting here,well i'm posting but not saying if i'm not injured or not Big grin