Importing data from Nike Run Club (Read 41 times)


    Hi everyone,

    Is there a free way to import data from Nike Run Club to RA?  RunGap requires money.  Apologies if this was answered before, but couldn't figure out how to search the forums.



      Long ago Running Ahead did offer a free app that you could import data with.  That doesn't work anymore.  I bought a iSmoothrun app after that which I could import data with.  It doesn't seem to work anymore though now that I transferred it to my new iPhone. You might have better luck finding apps though if you're using a Andro.

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        I don't know anything about Nike Run Club, but if it can export your workouts as .FIT, .GPX, .TCX, etc -- the common workout formats -- those are easily imported into RunningAHEAD's log.

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          I used to run with Nike run club but due to numerous glitches I switched to SportMe Marathon Trainer. I run three times a week and monitoring my progress made me a less anxious and more self confident person. It's amazing what running can do for you!