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    What can I say that hasn't been said!!!  The site is the best and always recommend it the highest compliments.  I understand about not working since I have been out of work for over a year.  Go for it Eric!!!.

      I probably wouldn't be able to buy a subscription (i'm enough in debt as it is!) but I don't mind ads. Do what you have to do Eric and good luck! 


        you're not going to make much per person from ads - the trick is to have lots of people to get reasonable number of click throughs.


        Presumably it'll be google adsense ads?


        The online advertising world can be tremendously confusing and complicated, especially for not-big-fish.  I'm betting there are some RA users who are well-versed in this area that might be a good resource. If'n eric chooses to go that way.  I do know that we won't get too far in this thread.


        Google adsense?  Hmmm.  Even without an adblocker, those things are invisible to me and lots of people.


        Why is it sideways?

          Hey Eric,


          Just wanna say thanks for everything! 




            I have no problems with ads. This log is one of the best I've ever used! I also would enjoy extra services that I'd have to pay for. Smile


              Your site has been awesome and I appreciate all that you do to keep it up and running. Thanks.


                Just do it!  Thanks!

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                  Eric, this site has been as instrumental to my "running" as anything else, probably more so.  Whatever it takes.  I, too, would certainly be willing to pay a subscription.     


                    Whatever you need to do is fine with me. It's a great site and I will support it however I can.

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                      Eric, wow, a cool season of life for you!  Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!


                      You have my full support.  Ads are not a problem to me.  I'm also fine with a subscription to make it ad-free...that would give folks the option. 


                      RA is a terrific repository and is so've done an awesome job and look forward to the enhancements!!  Do feel free to keep us regular users in the loop and don't be shy about letting us know about options. 


                      Bummer on the job loss...but this might be a great step forward for you!!




                      I have nothing particularly clever or profound to add as a tag to each message...I just like to run.   


                        I probably wouldn't be able to buy a subscription (i'm enough in debt as it is!) but I don't mind ads. Do what you have to do Eric and good luck! 


                        Scholarship fund for you!  You are going to need running to balance the stress of medical school!  Big grin


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                          Eric, I'm all for a subscription fee if it keeps the ads away.  RunningAhead has become an intricate part of my training and I have no problem paying for the amount of quality this site provides.  Especially with knowing it is only going to improve.  Keep up the great work!


                            Just another runner/RA lover saying I understand that you need to make changes AND good luck with the new RA ideas and your upcoming wedding!  This is a great site and worth putting up with ads or paying a bit to subscribe.

                            Thanks for everything you've done already!




                              Thanks for providing such an awesome site. I hope that RA as a full-time occupation works out. I will certainly do my part and contribute at least a couple of times a year.


                              Best of luck!




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                                Eric, You, RunningAHEAD and the community that has built up around it are all awesome! Thank you for everything you have put into it, and you can count me as another loyal supporter for anything you need to do to keep the site great! You have my sincere best wishes for ALL the changes ahead.