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    I love this site and have benefitted greatly from your efforts and the people who post here.  I wish you only the best in whatever you decide to do with your marriage, your business, and this site.


    The key with ads, it seems to me, is to remain unobtrusive (no sound, no video, no flashing graphics; keep the simple, clean design here). Some of us experienced the nightmare of (a company I despise to this day!) taking over and, in my opinion, ruining the Cool Running forums through its blaring ads and heavy-handed self-promotion.  That was “Exhibit A” in “How not to run a business.” 


    In stark contrast, I’ve always been impressed by the thoughtfulness and transparency of your approach here.  Your announcement of the impending changes is no different and, again, you should be applauded for the relationship you’ve developed with the users of your site.


    But, I’ll be honest: I hate ads.  It’s one key reason I hardly ever watch commercial television.  On the Internet, I use Adblock Plus to avoid most ads and speed up my download time.  I’ve made a few modest contributions here and if you offered a pay-for-no-ads option, I almost certainly would be on board.


    This is really a fork in the road.  As many a hobbyist who has turned their passion into a business knows, money changes everything, whether we like it or not.  I hope for everyone’s sake that you’ll be able to find a way to meet your financial needs, while preserving the essence of the excellent site you’ve already created.  Best of luck to you.

    Be safe. Be kind.

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      I'd just like to add my thanks and appreciation of the work you've done!  I can also honestly say that the logs and forums have immeasurably benefited my running and my motivation to keep running.


        Sorry, congrats and bring it on .. Thank you for yer clarity & honesty... & best wishes!

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          A paid membership side without ads would be cool, and for thoes who dont want to pay they get ads.

          Thanks for the great running log!


          My thoughts exactly!


          I use RA every day - THANKYOU!! 

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             Thanks for the note Eric. Do it. 


            One suggestion I have is in the future, consider a subscriber service that allows for some modest annual fee allows a subscriber to disable those ads.


            Love the site. I've been on it nearly two years now. Keep it up!


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              Bring it on!  I love this site.  I'd pay for the site.  I'll click ads... I'll spread the word about this site.  Whatever it takes!

              Bring it on.


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                Whew!  Those first 7 sentences nearly gave me heart failure. 



                Same thing happened to me.  I've calmed down now.  This running log is such an important part of my training and racing, which in turn is a very import part of my life.  Eric - you have my full support.  Congrats on taking the leap and best wishes to you and your fiance on the upcoming wedding.

                Don't be obsessed with your desires Danny. The Zen philosopher Basha once wrote, 'A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish.'


                  Not to self, disable Ad Block on 


                  Good luck and congratulations for your upcoming wedding!


                    Congrats and Best of Luck. I have no problem with ads. Thanks for all of your hardwork!

                      Just wanna let you know that you have a supporter from a country in the far east which you may not have heard/known the country name :-)

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                        Best wishes from another self-employed web developer - maybe not the easiest option, but as long as you have some money coming in, well worth the jump. Do what you have to do - this is now your livelihood, not a community service!


                        I don't mind ads, and I would pay a yearly membership too. I don't post in the forums often, but I use the logs on a daily basis.


                        Exciting times for you :-)

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                          Congrats on the  upcoming wedding. I donate now so I few more bucks is fine with me. There is no free lunch. NPR and RA are my two favorite things.

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                            Running Ahead is a wonderful site and not a problem if there are ads. I fully support the change.


                              Good luck Eric!  I love the site and look forward to the changes!

                              Rebuilding my aerobic next year.....nothing to see here....move along now.


                                Congratulations, Eric!  I don't know you (and thanks to Wills and Kate I can't stand the word "wedding" right now) but this news made me smile.