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Mike Campbell

    RA is absolutely the best running log. Period. I contribute every year because I would pay a subscription for this site. Ads don't bother me in the least.


    I'm a CFO of a small business. Let me know if you need any help. Seriously. Whether it's choosing a business entity (LLC), setting up a checking account, picking accounting software (Quicken or Wave accounting), just let me know.


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      Sorry to hear that you lost your job, but excited to see what it means for us!


      I support whatever you need to do to keep a roof over your head!  I would really like the option for a yearly subscription to get rid of the ads, too. (like  Sign me up!


      Good luck on your upcoming marriage!

        Hey Eric,


        Sorry about the job loss, that's never easy.  Glad to hear you plan on doing RA full time!  I agree with everyone else, ads aren't that big of a deal.  Bring em on!  Smile




          Sorry about the job loss; good luck in the marriage. But most of all, thanks for what RA has been! What ever you decide to do with this log site, I hope to be able to remain with you. Ads or subscription, this has become a great tool to help keep track of my weekly, monthly and yearly mileage. Best of luck in the future,




            Sorry to hear about the job loss, that's very unfortunate.  I don't have much to add to what has been said, but I really like RA and will continue to use it even with the addition of ads.  Heck, I'll even click on them Smile

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              Eric, I have been using your site for 2+ years and I am embarrassed to say, I never once offered to send you a donation. I greatly appreciate your efforts, time & commitment to this site. It has been a invaluable resource and I will support what ever direction you go and will continue to use the log. I also will send in a donation. Thank you for everything and good luck!



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              el Miguel

                Full support from me, Eric.  As others have mentioned previously, I too would be interested in a no-ad, premium option.


                  Big fan here. RA rocks.


                  I would happily pay for premium no-ad service.


                  Good luck with all the big stuff going on.


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                  Feeling the growl again

                    Congratulations I'm sorry.... Wink


                    I have no problem with the ads at all -- I've always been surprised at how much work you have put in here for free -- though avoiding those annoing pop-up-and-block-your-view ads would be nice.  Wink


                    You have a product worth people dealing with advertising...and adding paying services to....this is much better than so many of the websites that have to try to put something together when they really deliver no value.

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                      Congratulations, Eric! You've put together a great site and I wish you much success moving forward, all of which I look forward to seeing first hand, ads or no ads.

                      Basically... run!

                        You've got my support either way.


                        Bring on the ads.  I'll even click on them.


                        All the best to you during this time of transition.



                        And thanks for everything you've done already!



                          Congratulations! for your marriage and don't worried about adds bring them on.

                            Eric congratulations on your pending nuptials!  I didn't realize you were engaged.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you launch or expand the RA venture. 


                            You never know when you'll need a sales guy Smile



                              Ditto - appreciate all you've done and will support RA!

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                                Ditto - appreciate all you've done and will support RA!