Just washed my hydration belt for the first time in forever (Read 146 times)

The Irreverent Reverand

    I just washed my hydration belt for the first time in forever, and it got me to thinking: how often do you wash your gear?


    Of course, for clothing, the closer it is to my body, the more frequently I wash it.

    T-shirts, socks, compression shorts after every run; second-layer long sleeve t-shirt, pull overs, shorts/tights after every few runs.


    But what about the other gear?

    I have a velcro Garmin strap. I've never washed it. In three years.

    The headband on my headlamp doesn't get washed.

    And then the hydration belt which just saw the washer machine for the first time ever.

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    Feeling the growl again

      I wash it when it chafes.

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        I just run in the rain a lot. Works for everything. But I still don't understand why my wife keeps putting my stuff out in the garage.