added copy map (Read 1422 times)

eric :)

    Hi folks! I added copy map just now. As you know, there two modes: view and edit maps. To copy a map in edit mode, there's a new button called "Copy Course" on the toolbar. When you're in view mode, there is a button called "Copy Map" on the map's toolbar. I placed it there instead of the log's toolbar because if you're viewing someone else's log, the toolbar is not available to you. Either way, when you click the button, you'll get to the edit course page. You have to click the save button in order to add the map! There'll be some red text on the page to remind you. Trent: thank you for beta testing it for me! eric Smile

    Good Bad & The Monkey

      You are most welcome! Great new feature, I have already used it. Of course that means I now have to go out and run the new courses... Shocked

        This is the best feature!! thanks so much as we often make variations of the same run by adding additional streets or a little loop and this allows a very easy way to keep track. Thanks!!