Pace Control app for Android (Read 44 times)




    I am an amateur runner, who created the Pace Control app for Android. The app was written because I like running with a phone and I need to know the pace I run, but all running apps I tried made me feel incomfortable with for some reason. So I wrote my own. Smile


    When it was ready I published it on Google Play because I felt that many more runners could be happy with using the app and later I added much more new features. For example quite recently I added a feature called "remote race" which makes it possible to run against (compete with) a friend who can be very far away (as long as he/she has an internet connection) in real-time. During your race you are regularly informed about your and your opponent's progress. I tried it with some running colleagues and it is a lot of fun!


    I would be glad if you tried the app and shared your thoughts about it. This will help me to understand what direction development of Pace Control should go in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me, either here on the forum or at the support email address of the app.


    And, please, forgive me that my English is not perfect. I am not a native English speaker. Smile


    If you are interested in trying using the app, here is the link to the app on Google Play:



      Version 1.9.1 is available on Google Play. Why don't you try it and for example run a remote race with it? If you don't know what remote races are, visit https://pacecontrol.pbksoft.com/remote-race.html