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12 Monkeys

    (folks, the quote is a clickable link to some important news, just sayin)

    CPT Curmudgeon

      I read it. But I already knew.
        It's a sad day. One of my favorites.

        Princess Cancer Pants

          I read it. But I already knew.
          Yep. One of my HS friends posted about it early this AM in her blog. She is probably the most well-read person I know...her dad was our HS English teacher (PhD...teaching HS. Dude was brilliant and a very good teacher, too). She's pretty sad today. I haven't read enough Vonnegut to feel as saddened as I probably should. k

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          She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

          ~ Unknown

          12 Monkeys

            Weird. As it happened. As it was meant to happen. I just reread Cat's Cradle. I finished it Sunday. Weird.
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              He will be missed...