I totally did it!!!!! (Read 697 times)


    I just completed my 1st 5k since highschool. It was the Go For the Green, St. Patty's Day 5k run. As promised, here is my race report :-) The short of it: Goal #1 - RUN the whole race, no walking or stopping - CHECK! Goal #2 - Finish in under 40 min - CHECK! Bonus (stretching it) Goal - Finish closer to 30 min - waiting on official results ;-) Mile 1 - 12:47 (6:34, 6:12) Mile 2 - 12:01 (5:53, 6:08) Mile 3 - 11:50 (5:50, 5:59) Mile 3.1 - ~ 1:06 Watch total = 37:44 (a little off b/c I forgot to stop my watch!!) YAY for negative splits!!!! I wasn't even trying for it either :-D I woke up nice and early, 7:30am (ugh), and began getting ready. Made a bagel, but only ate 2-3 bites b/c the cream cheese that I'd gotten tasted like cardboard (stupid fat free crap!). As I was getting things together, I realized that I'd left my number at my office, doh! So I hop into my car to drive the 1ish mile there, and when I try to get back the stupid road workers wouldn't let me onto my road. I was like, but I LIVE here. I finally convinced the guy (b/c he'd just let me out 5 minutes ago), and pinned my number and walked down to the race start. It's pretty nice when you're less than 1/10 of a mile from the starting line :-) I got my chip, found a fellow chemist and waited for the start with her and my roomie (who was doing the 1 mile walk). There was also a "Best Dressed Leprechaun" contest, so there were some crazy characters out and about, including a dog with a Pot o' Gold strapped on his back. Sadly, I didn't have a camera with me, but I really wouldn't have wanted to carry it anyway. We had a record breaking race, apparently, as there were 1200 people signed up, making it the 2nd largest race in SC. The perverbial gun went off, and we slowly made our way towards the starting line. I was surprised how long it took to get going actually. I crossed the line and started my watch. It was fun watching everyone jostle around for their spots. I just kept steady and watched people pass me ;-) There was a decent little hill at the very start of the race, but it wasn't too bad, and I knew it was coming. I just soaked everything in. It was much different than the two 5k's that I ran in highschool, even the serious people seemed to just enjoy themselves. Some dummy ran into an old guy with his jogging stroller and old guy crashed to the ground. He seemed okay though, and everyone was helping back up. Before even the 0.5 mark, there was some man yelling at his whiny teenager to keep up, which was fairly annoying at the time, but later I saw them having a good time again. The whole family (minus mom) seemed to be there, and they were playing tag and such through the run. I remember being surprised when I saw the 1st mile marker, and pleased to see it at 13-14 min (can't remember exactly, but my watch said 12:47). I was feeling pretty good too. I mostly just focused on my breathing, 4in/3out, which I was able to keep up until right around the 1.5-2.0 mile point, but only went down to a 3/2, not the "I'm running super fast" 2/1. I sort of blank out here, I think, or at least nothing interesting happened at this point. There was a water station before the 2 mile, which I took advantage of, if only to wet my throat (I'm a mouth breather). Of course, the stupid cup had NO WATER in it! I made a quick turn back and grabbed another. I heard them laughing after me, b/c I said out loud that there was NO WATER. ugh. Then I got to the 2 mile clock, and it said ~24 min!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! I was so thrilled, I can't even tell you! Right about this time is when more people started showing up along the track. There were a few here and there cheering us, but nothing major like I've read about here. It was right around this point that I passed the 2 firefighters who were in full gear! I told them both good job, b/c DAMN that's got to be hot and heavy! There was an Army band at that turn too, but they weren't playing :-( Only the one guy on the clarinet, who was playing (I think) Eye of the Tiger or one of the Chariots of Fire songs. Couldn't place it b/c I was so focused on my running, but I knew it was a 'running song'. One guy I passed was belting out whatever music was playing on his iPod, which I found quite amusing. So, after I passed the 2 mile mark, I was starting to want to walk, but I kept telling myself, "no you can do this, and every step is a new PR". My watch beeped for the 2.5 mile lap, and I noticed that I was actually speeding up! I forced myself to slow down, just touch, b/c I really wanted to RUN the last 0.1 mile or so at least. Once I can see the finish line, it is ON BABY! My watch beeps for the 3.0 mile lap, and I just crank it up. I felt like I was flying! My legs were turning, my arms were pumping, my head was getting dizzy, and it was AWESOME!!! Some people in front of me slowed down just before the end mats, which was stupid and annoying, but it was okay. I FREAKING DID IT!!!! I RAN THE WHOLE 3.1 miles! And it felt GRRRREAT! I was so excited that I forgot to stop my watch. haha. I think that the clock said 36 min, but I'm not really sure. My roomie was right there at the end, congradulating me while I took of my chip. I was all heady and such, and was drinking down the water that I picked up just before my final burst at the end. We slowly walked down to the place for the free food and official chip times and such. A dude took my picture and gave me a card so that I can get it online FOR FREE!!! yeah baby. We got in line for the food, orange slices, green bagels (which I skipped), bananas, water, and LUCKY CHARMS. hehe, I thought that the cereal was a nice touch :-) It was nice to slowly walk back home, stretch, and wake up my sleeping boyfriend ;-) I can't wait to get my official results, b/c of course, I was still too excited to remember to check them out. haha Edit (official results): I'm happy with this, though the time looks too long, but maybe it's total time, not chip time, i dunno? Place Div/Tot Sex/Tot St Time Pace ===== ======== ======== ===== 1380 198/211 664/754 38:04 12:16