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"run" "2" "eat"

     (sorry Babs)


    ah, getting a shout-out makes everything okay.



    i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams

      Love the custom interval feature. Good work Smile

        But I found a but with it (tested on chrome).

        When I want to change the interval distances and press "Enter" to validate the workout page goes empty. Works well when clicking on the button though.


        Team Effort


          Please expand upon your objection.  You can also join the pitch fork mob here:





          eric Smile



          My objection is that before all I had to do was put in 4 numbers. If I recall correctly, we have had this discussion before, several years ago. If the colon was automatically jumped over when entering time, I would have no complaint. In fact, if it had been that way from the beginning for this update, I would have not even noticed. Because I think and do using 24 hour clock terminology in most everything I do, the colon is very annoying. Black eye


          And no I am not going to join the pitchfork mob.Big grin


          Sorry for the late reply, I just don't get on here very often.