I won a race for the first time in my life. (Read 1373 times)

    Nice!  (Almost) nothing beats following the police car and crossing the string!!

    - Joe

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      It was pretty darn fun.  I ran pretty much the whole race by myself.  I wanted to average a 5:40, but when I came through the mile at 6:10 and no one within 20 seconds of me, I picked it up.  There was a down hill mile in the middle of the race that I ran in 5:10 which evened out my first mile.  Following the bike/car the whole way was pretty neat.  So there wasn't much competition, but considering it was also a PR, I was pretty happy all weekend. 


      I'd be wrong not to mention that my wife won the pumpkin carving contest at her co-workers annual party the same weekend, so it was a good showing for my family this weekend.

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      2017 goal: get back to 7 min/mile easy runs.

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        That sounds so exciting, I can't imagine, wow!  I get excited by AG wins in small races, this is just over the top to me!

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        I look my best blurry!

          Very, very, very cool!   Keep it up!  

            Wow! Congratulations.


            But if you're that fast and you just won your first race, you need to pick your races better. ;-)


              Congrats on both the PR and the win!


                Congrats to you! Keep going on like that! Wink


                  It has occured to me that you are not very good at cherry picking your races. 


                  I won a 10k this weekend in 35:19.  This is the first race I have ever won.  I've been in the top 5 in a few races but never flat out won a race.  This was a PR for me in the 10k, granted I was a mid-d guy in college so I've only ran a hand full of 10k's, but I ran right on my goal pace of 5:40 per mile and felt like I had plenty in the tank at the finish and plan to run 15 miles today.  I feel my training is right on pace for my marathon in January. 

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                    I tend to pick races based on their fitting into my training plan or they are in the town wear my cabin/home is.  So i tend to be in races that are fairly competitive as they generally line up with most others planning on running up coming marathons in the area.

                    2017 goal: get in shape to actually train in 2018.

                    2017 goal: get back to 7 min/mile easy runs.