Maps Issue (Read 506 times)

    I selected Smithville Mo (USA) on the course map and I was sent to a Smithville in Tennessee or farther east. I worked around it by dragging it to Missouri; but, it could use a fix. Undecided
      There is a "state" box in the new-course area - did you fill that out? When I go to make a map mine automatically re-goes to my city where I've made maps before. Perhaps there's a cookie factor going on here? (Sorry I'm not real computer-oriented. <g>) You may not need to re-drag every time after you save the first one. Good luck! Eric's a day person so he will probably get back to you tomorrow during the day...</g>

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        nickatnight, There was a bug in the region lookup code. I fixed it and it shouldn't be an issue anymore. eric Smile