Tracking runs by State/Province (Read 287 times)

    Saw another thread (Streak) that made me wonder just how much data is contained in a Garmin or other GPS entry... would there be a way to determine what state a run took place in?  And to take it a step further...I live in Northern KY, about 15 miles from the Ohio border, and have run from KY into OH and back a number of times. A lot of races in Cincinnati cross into KY at some point too...


    Could RA track how many miles I've logged in the two states?  And in other states (training while on business trips or vacations, or going to out of state races?)



      In theory, this should be easy to do since I have coordinates of your route.  In practice, it's not as easy because I have to check each point to determine which state it is in.  Point inclusion detection in an irregularly shaped polygon is quite CPU intensive.  To further complicate matter, I don't know the exact coordinates of each state's boundaries.  Many of the states are irregularly shaped, making this feature technologically infeasible at the moment.


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