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    For those who have black toenails, or no toenails, does anyone ever get them, or lose them, always on the same foot? It's always my right foot for me. I know my right foot is very slightly longer than my left. I have a calcaneous spur on the back of my right heel, and that adds just a bit to my foot length, and I'm wondering if the longer foot has anything to do with why my bad toenails are always on the same foot.

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      Yes, it seems that it would be related as getting scrunched into the toe is supposed to be a common cause of black toe.  Are your running shoes 1/2 to one size larger than your street shoes?  Most runners need them sized larger.  That usually helps with black toe.  Unless you have a different cause such as gripping the sole with your toes.

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        In my instances I have had one on each (partial) eventually they got flappy - and fell off.  

        Personally I seem to stride with an odd gait.....usually favoring my dominate leg (right)....that foot seems to get more blister/nail issues.


        My too incidents were from too loose of shoes (just after a too-tight top of foot pain issue).... and second was doing sprint intervals up an icy trail... think I just jammed my toe in to much.

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          If you get calluses on the tips of your toes right under the toenails, your toes are hitting the front of the shoe.  You may not feel this, but calluses don't lie.  If that's happening, your toenails will be unhappy.