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A Saucy Wench

    I would like to share three stories with you (in 3 posts) and I hope you will take the time to read them


    The first story is the story of Anna and Abigail


    Anna and Abigail are sisters.  Anna (6) went to preschool with my children and Abigail (11)was on stage with my children in "The Little Mermaid" last spring.

    My daughter Samantha first met Anna one afternoon after school,  at the school playground.  Samantha had no one to play with that day. Anna, who was 3 years younger than Samantha, noticed that Samantha was alone, and went and asked her to play. We met Abigail at the theater, laughing and smiling and always finding ways to make everyone around her happy.


    On October 20th, 2013 Anna and Abigail were hit by a car outside their home. Anna died on the scene, Abigail was taken to the hospital where it was determined that her injuries were fatal. Abigail then began the process to donate her organs to help others. As a girl who always gave, there is no doubt this would be what she would choose.


    Abigail's kidneys went to help 2 different men, each who have been on dialysis for 2 years waiting for kidneys. Her liver went to an 8 year old boy who has spent most of his life too sick to play, and is now getting to go to school, and play, and be an 8 year old boy. One of her corneas has given sight to a 9 year old. Her heart valves were recovered and are targeted for infants born with heart defects.

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    A Saucy Wench

      The second story is the story of Tom & Susan


      I've known Susan casually for a few years, as another Mom on the playground and another Theatre Mom. Last spring, I got to know Susan better, spending 3 hours every night putting on a play about women and their friendships, a concept that nobody embodies more than Susan. Additionally, I was able to gain a little bravery from Susan on treading the difficult waters of talking to a daughter about puberty.   An interaction I will always be grateful for.

      Tom & Susan are the parents of Anna & Abigail. For them the story of organ donation is one of healing. Often when stories are told of organ donation the uncomfortable thought is broached; that one person had to die so that someone else could live. But, for Tom and Susan, organ donation is the joy, and the peace and the start of the healing process. Abigail's death was. It could not be changed, it had happened. But organ donation was the good that could come after.


      Even while in the hospital, preparing to say good-bye to Abigail, the thought that some other person, some other parent was receiving the phone call that they had been waiting for, gave them peace. Every time they think of the people who are getting to live a fuller, longer life because of Abigail, they feel the pride and joy of being Abigail's parents. "Better than any 'A' on a report card."

      I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


      "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

      A Saucy Wench

        The third story is the story of Carole


        Carole was one of the first people I ever met after moving to Oregon 19 years ago. As I drove into my new town, a sign on the Theatre reader board announced auditions that weekend for "Man of La Mancha".   Carole was the choreographer and she and I played the dancing steeds of Sancho Panza and Don Quixote. I got to hear about and meet her daughter and through the years of doing theatre together hear about all her foster babies.


        Over the years, Carole has fostered over 30 babies. Many of these babies were drug-babies, born to addicted mothers, born addicted. Many of the babies were abused. Many stayed until the mothers completed court ordered drug rehab. Sadly many of them returned to Carole after rehab failed until they could be placed in permanent foster care.

        Abigail was supposed to play an orphan in the theatre's recent production o f Annie. She had her first rehearsal a few hours before the accident. Tom and Susan decided to join the production of Annie to honor Abigail and there they met Carole who was cast in the ensemble and became good friends.


        Carole is in kidney failure and has been on the waiting list for over a year. Because of her kidney disease she can no longer foster her babies. Tom and Susan are hoping that their efforts in raising Organ Donation Registration will help get Carole, and all the other people waiting for life, the organs they need.

        I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


        "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

        A Saucy Wench

          I have posted all this in the hopes to urge everyone to register to be an organ donor.   Maybe you have thought about it.  Maybe you keep meaning to do it.  Maybe you thought you still had to wait until you renewed your drivers license.  But organ donation registration can now be done online.  The national organ donation registry has, in many states, assisted in allowing donors wishes to be carried out in a more timely manner, keeping valuable organs viable for transplant.


          Register.  Talk to your family and friends.  Spread the love.


          And if you have any organ donation stories to tell, please share.

          I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


          "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

          Maggie & Molly

            organ donation is a true life saver.  I have a friend who would have died 6 yrs ago from cystic fibrosis, however because of a young man and his parents who offered the gift of organ donation, she is alive.  Two lungs were given to her.  She entered the hospital in a wheel chair, on oxygen, barely able to speak two words consecutively.  She left on her own two feet.  She is a mother to three beautiful children who are thankful every single day that someone thought enough to think about someone else.   I've watched her play baseball and volleyball with her family.  I've watched her live.  donate.

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              I'll go one further: write your congressman/woman to lobby that organ donation be the default when you get your drivers license.  Make it clear that there should be an obvious checkbox to opt-out.  But donation should be the default.


              Why people throw dirt over lifesaving parts is beyond me.

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                Already done, including occasionally reminding my family that it truely is my wife. Here in canada if anyone objects then that trumps.


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                  Yep, I'm a donor and my DH is aware of that. Canadians can register online in some provinces, but as redleaf said, make sure your family all knows.



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                    I've been a registered organ donor since I got my first driver's license -- many many years ago.  My grandmother, who had willed her body to the medical school, used to say, "I'll probably do more good in death than I ever did in life."  That stuck with me.

                      Been for years.

                      That's very sad ,poignant and bittersweet Ennay.


                      Two weeks ago, my best friend's nephew was killed in a car crash. He was only 21 years old. I'm sure (although I could never bring myself to ask them) that his parents donated because as a 6 year old, their son had received a heart transplant that saved his life from a deadly infection.





                        Beautiful.  Thanks for posting that.

                          Thank you Ennay, for your stories.  Good to be reminded about people's awesomeness.

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                            My niece was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in May, 2012 and went on the transplant list in July.  In October , 2013 within days of her birthday,  she received the call that new lungs were available.  Today, a bit more than 6 months after a double lung transplant, she it doing fine and probably has as much or more lung capacity than some of us.

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                              Signed up (though I think I already was) and posted to my Facebook.  A friend of mine just got a kidney transplant, so this post was timely.

                                Thank you Ennay.