Weekly summary went from showing miles to number of runs per week (Read 57 times)


    Hi - I didn't change any settings (to my knowledge) but my weekly summary (in calendar mode) went from showing my total number of miles to the # of times per week that I ran.  I am trying to change it back (tried looking in settings) but no luck.


    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks



      Did you accidentally change your default activity from "Run" to something else?


      This would be under "Options" --> "Manage My Activities"

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        You also could have mistakenly added a run and entered only time and missed adding the miles.......Ive done that and had the same change you mentioned.....

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          If you didn't change any settings, my guess is that you entered some of your runs with just a number of miles and no time, and some of them with just time and no miles. Because of this, you don't have a specific number of miles for that week, or a specific amount of time that you ran, but just a number of times you ran. It should change back next week if you put in the number of miles you ran every time.


            Thank you to all who replied.  Yes, it turns out I entered one of my runs really wacky, which threw things off.  Everything good now.  (The world can continue on Wink) Thank you for the help, and happy running!