Training Plan Edit mode - 20 Oct 2012 duplicated (Read 172 times)

    Hi Eric,


    I have a minor problem in the Training Plan Module.

    If I edit there a plan (new or existing, doesn´t matter), the 20.Oct 2012 appears two times,

    one on Saturday (correct !!) and a second time for Sunday (very wrong !).

    The same problem is in the Small Calendar to select the Startdate or Enddate of the Training Plan.


    The View-Mode for the Training Plan is ok, also the normal Calendar view.





    Thanks !!



      What operating system and web browser are you using?  I think it is related to language translation and date format preferences but will need to reproduce the problem to confirm.


      eric Smile

        Hello Eric,


        I use Apple Macintosh,  MacOSX 10.8.2  and Browser Safari 6.0.1


        With Your tip below I changed all possible local settings, but it insist in duplicating the 20. October.



        Many Thanks