Sad Day for Garmin (Read 427 times)

Feeling the growl again

    You need a new GPS watch because the trusty 205 no longer beeps at a 1/4 mile?


    Do you throw the pencil away when the lead loses it point?


    Do you trade in your car when its time to change the oil?


    Still have a Garmin 201 here, bought shortly after they came out (late 2005 or early 2006??).


    The Mode button stopped functioning ~2 years ago.  It has locked up 5-6 times and I thought it was gone for sure, but I have eventually been able to resurrect it via multiple hard resets.  I have to scrape the contacts with a knife to get it to recharge every time.


    Last week the lap memory filled up, and without the Mode button I cannot wipe it.  So now I can't use the Lap button, which is a major PIA for using it to record workouts.


    I will probably keep limping it along until a terminal event.  Kudos to Garmin on the integrated battery, I was a doubter but it holds within an hour of the original 13-14 hour charge.


    I bought it at REI, so technically I could return it.  Big grin  But I think it's one of the hardiest electronics products I've ever purchased.

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