photobombing (Read 760 times)

    I think I photobombed a lot of people at Bay to Breakers.


    MTA -- and I videobombed KRON 4 news. Heh.



      Did anyone catch this "videobomb" at the U.S. Open on Sunday? I saw it live---made me laugh.

      Demon of Bad Decisions

        Trent, Schneidr, Candice,...and some random teenager I don't recognize.


        The "random teenager" is scovill's girlfriend, Allie.  The morning after FANS before I went home, scovill, Allie and I went over to Minnehaha Falls.  Before leaving she poured a Busch Light (or something like that) into a wine glass, and strolled through the park with us while enjoying shit beer from stemware in public. 


        I like her.

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          I was in subway yesterday and someone destroyed the potty so badly that it stenched the entire restaurant. Even overcoming the subway bread smell. That was photobomb-like. but I am glad there was no literal photo. ok then


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