Time to get feedback on my HR training (Read 92 times)




    I started training with heart rate monitor since late last year. Over the few months I have made some adjustments and this is where I am right now.


    max HR: 196

    resting HR: 46


    Since November 2012, I am running 35 miles/week on average. I try to run 4-5 times a week in which I try doing one long run and one fast workout. Everything else is moderate aerobic - easy runs. I run easy and long runs on same HR


    For easy - I run around 153 bpm [78% of maxHR or 71% of HRR]. Most of my easy runs are an hour long on TM. I am doing this since Janurary now

    For long - I run in 150 [76% of maxHR or 69% of HRR] - 160 [81% maxHR or 76% of HRR] range. My long runs are 2+ hours. A few of them are around 3 hours. All long runs are on trails. Started running in this HR range for a month now. Before that I used to run in 151-166 range.


    For runners who are doing heart rate training, what are your comment/suggestions?

      Are your race times improving?  Are you enjoying your training?


      Because I do (loosely) HR training, but those are the only two things that matter to me for determining success.

      "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
      Emil Zatopek


        The races in my signatures are the only races I have ran. I don't participate in races much, but my easy pace is improving gradually by constantly running at 153 bpm. I am getting quicker in my quick workouts too. just did a couple of long runs in 150-160 range. So it is hard to compare pace there. But I am sure that it is slower compare to 151-166 range that I used to run in.  


        I am enjoying the running.

        Master of Inconsistency

              Your numbers are a bit wonky since the monitor is probably bouncing around and not making good contact those first few miles . Make sure it's snug and (this is kinda nasty but works ) lick the contacts . It's hard to make out anything from your log as the paces seem so different from the heart rates . Are these hilly runs ? How did you get your max ? The end of an all out 5k will be close. I 'm  just a data junky  but I track my fitness level by running the same course  in similar conditions. I can see the heart rates get lower for the same pace when I run consistent mileage. Don't stress about % of HRR and what not . Just run easy by feel most days and harder other days . My current goal is to try and build to 40 mpw without getting hurt and staying there until I feel I'm ready for another marathon try . Do you have a goal ? That will help provide feedback on your progress . Sorry I can't help at this time . Good Luck ,Greg

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            . Make sure it's snug and (this is kinda nasty but works ) lick the contacts . 

            Electrode gel costs around $5 and it lasts a long time. Check out DC rainmaker's recommendations to get your HR monitor to work properly and with less HR spikes. One of the recommendations is to get the Polar strap and use the Garmin transmitter. Concur that a loose HR monitor will give you bad readings. An old battery will give you bad readings as well.


              GregL – I agree that my initial (first 10-15 minutes into the run) heart rate numbers were useless for a couple of months. So I started licking contacts for a few weeks now and it seems to be working now. My weekend runs (I do most of my long runs on weekends) are on the trails and they are hilly. The trails on which I run have lowest elevation around 300 feet and highest around 1400 feet. From log Easy are the only runs that I run at same HR on TM at same incline. Apart from that my other runs are at different effort and my weekend runs are on different routs and thats why they do not seem consistent. I got my max HR by interval test – I run as fast I can for 2 minutes then cool down for 2 minutes and so on. I have attached the HR graph from which I got max HR. My goal is to improve my fitness and run quicker and longer.


              Zonykel – thanks for providing info about electrodes. I checked out DC rainmaker's recommendation few weeks ago and started licking electrodes after that