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    Congrats! Smile Make your new goal to get out there and beat a few of those freshmen teammates. You're just as good as they are! Cool
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      Hay you can run faster then me I'm a freshman to a pr at 5:20
        First mile i have ever ran i hit a 4:32.55 now i am down to 4:25.45 as an incoming Junior in high school... just run hard man! Big grin
          Congrats that is one goal I never accomplished in high school. I ran many 5:03's and my PR was 5:01. I was happy with other goals like clearing 6'2" in high jump (I know its kinda weird for a distance guy to be a high jumper) I think high jump got in the way of the training I needed to break 5. So set a new goal for the mile and don't let something else get in the way. I think you should aim high and go for 4:30 but 4:50 comes first. Go out run and have fun with it. Oh and I hope to be breaking my curse of the 5:01 mile soon so hopefully I will be posting that on this thread soon.
            NICE WORK!!!
              Im a little jealous --- you can run two miles in the same time it takes me to run one.........I think its fantastic....keep it up --- we may be watching you on TV whipping the Kenians some of these days in Boston....

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                GOOD JOB!

                Run until the trail runs out.

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