Is there a realtor in the house? (semantics: finished vs. unfinished space) (Read 935 times)

Princess Cancer Pants

    as always...when you do get ready to sell, take about half your stuff to a storage unit so your house looks spacious...


    Every time we have moved (19 times in 28 years) we do that...and our house has 'usually' sold without too much hassle...but it now depends on if anyone has money...and I know Michigan is hurting on the employment scene...


    Yeppers, we're definitely planning to do that.  We probably don't need a very big unit, not more than 5x10, most likely.  One benefit of having a small house and only 3 people is that we don't have a lot of stuff...at least not stuff that doesn't lace-up or have 2 wheels. Big grin

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