RunningAHEAD shirt sizes survey (Read 3474 times)

eric :)

    Thanks everyone for the replies! I just needed a general idea of the type of shirts I need to purchase. It's still early, but I see a nice bell shape curve around medium and large shirts so that's what I'll do. These are technical shirts. 100% polyester with a little bit of stretch. Everyone I asked loved the shirt. It's smooth and silky Big grin
    Mishka-old log

      Men's dark blue, small.

        Men's small, dark blue. Thanks!
          Men's, small, light blue

            Men. Medium. White. LLegan a Colombia??? Smile They arrive until Colombia??? Smile

              womens, white, xl
                womens, white, XS

                  I would be a Mens, L, Light Blue
                  There is no finish line.
                    Mens navy, XL. TKS!!

                    Take my advice: Pull down you're pants and slide on the ice



                      mens dark blue, medium

                      Basically... run!

                        women's navy (or white) medium Big grin



                          I'll take a men's, medium, dark blue. Thanks!
                          Aaron Heath

                            Mens large, light blue. Thanks! Smile
                            The Plodder

                              Men's Dark Blue XL Blush
                                Women's white large