Training log summary - add weight chart? (Read 437 times)


    I'm finally starting back with running after too long of a break and too many pounds put on.  I know that people have more info on their training log summaries than just daily runs as I've seen them.  I can't figure out how to have more than just that graph on there.  There are probably several graphs I'd like to have, but right now I'm most interested in finding one for weight so I can see easily the downs (and hopefully not ups) of how I'm doing.


    Can anyone help?


      I just signed up to the site today, so I'm trying to figure out how to do everything and I just added a weight chart (hopefully I kept in private though).  The way I did it was:


      -First you need to make the weight chart (or whatever other chart you want) by going to the Reports tab, then add graph and make whatever graph you want. 

      -Once you have made your graph, go to the Summary page and in the top right corner there is a Customize link, click that. 

      -Once there, add the widget, Activity Graph. 

      -A chart will show up and you can customize it.

      -Move it to where you want and then at the bottom of the chart there is a pull down tab you can select which graph you want. 


      Hope this helps and happy running!


        Thanks so much!  I never would have been able to figure that out - too many steps. 


        By the way, you have successfully hidden your weight on your chart.  I hope I have done the same!

        Thanks again.