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    Hey, I was looking at the options for reports and graphs. I don't see very many options for looking at total elevation gain or loss. It would be nice if we could have that information, especially if it were an option to look as a cumulative total over the past week/month/year/whatever. Anyone else interested in this?



      This would be great. I'd also really love to be able to see how much elevation gain I had per split off a gpx file, like I can see per split pace -- so that I could click off specific hills on a run and see how much elevation I gained on that specific part when I look at my data later, but not lose my mileage total for the whole run.


        It would also be nice to see and edit elevation on individual runs. For those of us without barometric altimeters, I would rather rely on measures other than my gps for calculating elevation (i.e. friends who have run the route).

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          I used to run with Nike run club but due to numerous glitches I switched to SportMe Marathon Trainer, which has this awesome elevation feature. I run three times a week and monitoring my progress made me a less anxious and more self confident person. It's amazing what running can do for you!