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John Wood

    So, it looks as if I have lost the charging stand for my Black Diamond sprinter head light.  It doesn't look as if replacement parts are still sold, so it might be time to get another.  I have been pleased with what I had, loved that it was rechargeable and had a flashing red light on the back.  A quick search shows that a newer version is available, but before I get that, I wouldn't mind doing some comparisons.  So, if anyone has a favorite that they could recommend, let me know.


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      I don’t like running w/ my hiking headlamps bc I find them annoying. I actually use these half-finger gloves w/ LED lights on the back of the hands. They’re extremely bright. Mine were cheaper than on this site: https://store.gorunlites.com/Products/RunLites-LED-Lights-(v2)__V2-prd-1B.aspx

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        Black Diamond Sprinter works *great* for me.  Use it most days from Nov - Mar.   Very bright.  Rear blinker with multiple flash patterns. Has cool feature where you touch it to bring it to 100% output, touch again to bring it back to your lower output setting. Charges via standard usb cable. Charge lasts many hours...at least 8-10+ for me.

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          I have two—my Black Diamond Sprinter and my Pextel Bindi. My Black Diamond is the older one with the base. I love the flashing red in the back. I don’t love the dedicated charging base. This Christmas I got the bindi and I am in love. It is tiny, uses a regular usb charging cable and has 20, 100 and 200 lumens. It doesn’t have the red rear light. However, it’s so tiny that I can stick it in a pocket or wrap it around my wrist for  transitional runs. If I am running in the true dead of night I use a nox gear vest so the lack of the red light on the back is not an issue.


          Hope you find find what you are looking for!


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            If I am running in the true dead of night I use a nox gear vest so the lack of the red light on the back is not an issue.



            Noxgear vest is on my someday list. It's pretty $$ in Canada.

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              I also like the Black Diamond Sprinter with the USB cable charging.  The over-the-head strap kept coming un-fastened, so I removed it and have found I don't need that strap anyway.  The light is plenty bright for most situations.

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                On occasion—like Black Friday—they run a sale on it. It really changed my running habits as I never fear being seen now plus I can wear whatever clothing I want as the vest really takes care of the visibility. I’ve had police officers stop me and thank me for wearing it. As a bonus, you can use it to create a really fun Halloween costume. 😉. Hope that one day it works out for you to get it.



                Noxgear vest is on my someday list. It's pretty $$ in Canada.

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                  The Princeton Tec Sync 150 with a simple red blinking LED light clipped on the back of the headband.

                  Link to Princeton Tec headlamp: https://www.amazon.com/Princeton-Tec-Headlamp-Lumens-Black/dp/B07J3SSFFL/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1546819648&sr=8-2&keywords=princeton%2Btec%2Bsync%2B150&th=1

                  Cost of the Prinecton Tec approx. $30 delivered + tax.

                  The blinking red LED safety lights are about $8 ea, sold in pairs. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Bonuses-Running-Visibility-Accessories-Reflective/dp/B00SSQGKVG/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1546819827&sr=8-19&keywords=red+cycling+lights

                  These both take batteries and not rechargable, unlike the BLackDiamond Sprinter.

                  I used this for a few years and it works wornderfully, with different light levels to choose from. I have even have had it fixed once under warranty.


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                    I like Knuckle Lights.

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                      I currently use the Petzl Nao+, it’s pricy but works great.


                      im intrigued by the Kogalla RA.  I would use it in combination with the Petzl.


                      These lights are are probably overkill for a road runner, especially if you have decent night vision.


                        Those cheap CREE LED headlamps on Ebay work fantastic.  See if you can find a USA seller so you don't have to wait for delivery from China. 



                          Ultraspire waist lamp is the only way to go, if you’re serious. There are several types.  It is far superior lighting to a headlamp.

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