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    I was playing around on athlinks which bills itself as "the largest endurance race results database on the planet"  My personal marathon PR was set at Grandma's marathon back in 1991.  Not that it's important, but I have zero documentation of that finishing time.  The Grandma's site doesn't go back that far.  Is there any other database that may document those races?  Maybe a newspaper database that doesn't cost a ton?

      did databases exist before 1991?  TIC

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        I thought Athlinks got its data by crawling in results from sites like Coolrunning and others?  They wouldn't have existing in that era, your best bet may be archives of a newspaper which had the results a day or two after the race in their sports agate.

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          Yeah, that's about all I can do.  Except its a crap shoot if they have all the results (unlikely) or just a recap of the race (most likely).  And they want their money up front.


            Have you contacted the race directors?  I know our local running club just had the last 3 or 4 years results on their website, but if you ask nicely they can usually find results from several years back.  1991 might be several timing software versions ago though.  Wouldn't hurt to try anyway.

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              I emailed the race directors for Grandma's Marathon yesterday looking for the 1991 and 1992 records.  Today in my email I had a PDF of the 1991 booklet that was sent out post-race.  Yay!  It feels great to have some documentation of my PR for that distance.


              Thanks to Jeff Rosenthal, Grandma's Director of Race Mgmt.


                Is it just me or does that logo look like a pile of crap on fire? Perhaps it's time for glasses.



                Jerry, that's awesome! Kudos to the RD.


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                  Is it just me or does that logo look like a pile of crap on fire? ..


                  I think that describes how racing a marathon in the summer feels, for many (if not most) runners....

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