Enhanced weather widget (Read 126 times)

eric :)

    Hi all,

    While fixing the auto fill weather feature, I thought it would be nice to include a heat and wind chill index for the weather widget on the summary page.  I uploaded the change last night.  Since they're formulas, could you check if they're somewhat accurate?  Heat index is only available for temperatures above 80 F (26.7 C), and wind chill is only available below 50 F (10 C).  Thanks!


    eric Smile

      Thanks for the heat index feature. I've been using a different site to do the calculate and add it to my notes.


      not bad for mile 25

        I hope I don't have many runs in which the heat index is triggered.


          My workouts don't automatically upload the weather.  I upload from a Garmin 610.  How do you get the weather to auto upload into your workout?