Downloading Data (Read 364 times)


    I have had no problems downloading data for the 2 years I've been using RA. But today's downloaded data did not include my pace info .... just time and distance. Please help. Smile


    Using IE 8 and Windows XP


      The exported data never contained pace data.  The idea is if you're downloading the data for further analysis, then only the raw (non-calculated) data are included.  Perhaps you're thinking about something else?


      eric Smile


        The tcx file did contain the paces. The download worked properly today; capturing the pace data. Go figure .....

          Ah.  So you are talking about something else.  Download from the server means the file is transferred from the server to your computer (e.g. export your data for backup).  Uploading means the file goes from your computer to the server, such as the tcx file that you're trying to import.  If you still have the tcx file with the missing pace, then I would like to take a look.