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eric :)

    Hi everyone! After almost 2 years after I started the thread asking whether you use a GPS for running, I am happy to say that I finally integrated Garmin Forerunner to RunningAHEAD. I realized early on that the log needed to be revamped in order to handle the demands of processing of external data (i.e. GPS data). It took about a year to redo the log that you're using today. A lot of code was put into the new log to prepare it for this announcement. You will need a relatively new version of Garmin Communicator in order to be able to upload data to RunningAHEAD. The import page should tell you if your plugin is out of date. The beta users and I have tested this feature on IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, Safari. If it is not working for you, please let me know and include as much info as you can to help me. This is the first version of the GPS importer. It is still lacking in many areas but I had to start from somewhere. In the coming months, I will be adding these improvements. I understand that you can export data from other devices such as Nike+ and Polar. I would love to add support for them as well. Since there is no membership fee to use RA, I can't possibly buy all these devices. If anyone is willing to lend me theirs, I'd be more than happy to add support for it. Lastly, I like to thank all the beta users that braved the possibility of data corruption to test out this new feature. Thank you guys for all the feedbacks and encouragements! eric :-)
      Thank you! Awesome.


        YIKES now I have more things to do on RA! Can not wait to try it Eric ....THANKS!!!
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          Any chance of Suunto t3c or higher being integrated...?

            Hey, This is fab news..thanks! Does it work with the Forerunner 305 though cos am trying to upload now but it's not working? Thanks Hannah Big grin

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              My friend and I were JUST talking about this yesterday - that if this site had this ability it would be better than all the others. He didnt like the online Garmin tool because it is too slow and we could find any kind of true on-line community and quite frankly the interface stunk. Training Peaks, while it has lots of data, was just soooo cumbersome. Blah! This is excellent news! Thank you Eric!
                Thanks, Eric. It works great -- I use Chrome and had no problems, by the way. han_lilac - I have a forerunner 305. Did you load the control from garmin?

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                  thanks - great addition to the application. It works wonderful! worked great with my 405.

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                    Woohoo!! Now where is that "donate" button again?
                      Woohoo!! Now where is that "donate" button again?
                      +1 What he said.

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                        Thanks, Eric. It works great -- I use Chrome and had no problems, by the way. han_lilac - I have a forerunner 305. Did you load the control from garmin?
                        The control? What does that mean? Going to Garmin and loading something?

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                            RunningAhead is now perfect! You have reached running log nirvana. Om shanti.
                              Great - can't wait to use it!

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