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    Why is the search feature so crappy, or (more likely) what am I doing that is getting such crappy results from the search feature?


    I searched for "The Walking Dead" because of the TV series thread that was going a couple of weeks ago.  I got a bunch of randomness. 


    What am I doing wrong?

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      I have the exact same problem. I will search for the exact title of a thread and it doesn't show up.


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        Use the quick search. You hold down the Option key and the Windows key simultaneously, and push S for search.

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          Try using double quotes in your search to for exact phrase.  


          Search key: The Walking Dead

          The search feature will search the database for all words with the and walking and dead.  The chances of having those three words in a thread is highly likely.  


          Search key: "The Walking Dead"

          The search feature will now search the database for the pattern found between the double quotes in all threads.



          Search key: AMC "The Walking Dead"

          This time the search will search the database for all threads with AMC and the phrase The Walking Dead.



          Search key: "The Walking Dead" "end of the series"

          You can also do multiple phrases.