Favorite Non-Running Socks? (Read 52 times)


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    Debated on putting this in "Gears and Wears," but it probably belongs here.


    Getting to be about time to replace some of my more "ventilated" casual, white, low-cut socks.  So, I made the trip to "Journeys" in the mall, which is where, believe it or not, I'd found the ones I liked best.  This was many years ago (they weren't lying when they said they were well-made), and apparently in the interim, they've stopped carrying that type of sock.


    So, does anyone have any particular brand or store that produces your favorite sock?

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      My general wear and running socks are generic Wal-Mart socks. I wear better ones for races.  works for me.

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        DH loves socks from LLBean.   They, too, last for years.

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            wigwam, experia or wright socks.    smartwool phd are also very nice.  sorry I work at REI so had to do plug.  wigwams are actually my favorite either synthetic or the ones with low % of merino wool.


            around home working in yard still use cotton (boo, boo, cotton is bad) but only because have a drawer full of them when wife used to buy the 8-10 pks at costco.   for running/hiking its either synthetic or merino wool.