100 mile month! (Read 710 times)

    boke 100 miles today for first time in 25+ yrs!!  not bad for a short, gray haired, 53 yr.  so what if we had an extra day or two in July & that some of my mileage was run/walk (90% run),  I'm still going to count it!!  na na na.(with head bobbing & finger swaying).

      Nice, man. 


      110 miles in August?

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        Congratulations !


        Sure, count it all.

        All my runs are Run/Walk. 


          This is a major milestone......i remember the first time I 'finally' got 100 miles in a month......


          Its a big deal to final get to this level....


          btw - I never hesitate to throw in some walking and on many runs I pre-program walking breaks.......its a nice tool to help you get your distance...


          Keep it up...your doing good...

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            thank you everyone, thank you very much (with Elvis voice of course)


            110 in august would be nice,  but will be tough because lots of different things happening with my schedule.  Also body is pretty beat up right now after today's run.  taking couple days off (maybe, ha ha) for our 25th anniversary.  training for a 1/2 next Spring/Summer so am trying to increase the long runs by using run/walk & be consistent week to week.  Used to run 40+ weekly 25-28 yrs ago while single & in college.  oh, the good old days!  (actually much better all around now compared to then)

              Cool on you! July is my first month of breaking 100 miles...



                Nice one Skyedog!  100 miles is a cool milestone.  Enjoy basking in your hard work.  Good luck with meeting the August target, but don't stress if you don't, it's all good preparation for a high mileage September. 

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                    Very nice!  100 miles in a month is nothing to sneeze at! Big grin

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                      thanks again everyone!!!!   Kirk, you didn't just beat 100 miles you shattered it, killed it, stomped it into the ground,  left it in the dust,  chewed it up & spit it out.  great job!
                        I had my first 100 mile day today!

                        Beware, batbear...

                          Way to go.  I'm on my way to 100 next month, training for a half marathon.  Feeling stronger every week and posts like this keep me going.

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                            nice job skyedog. i'll be really happy if i can do that at that age (not that you are old at all ) i got 100.9 in june, and just ran a 4 mile run to break 100 for july! Big grin
                              nice job skyedog. i'll be really happy if i can do that at that age (not that you are old at all ) i got 100.9 in june, and just ran a 4 mile run to break 100 for july! Big grin



                              Hey there Matthew -- I just want to set the record straight ---- 53 years old is still a youngster......if fact 53 is the new 33......

                              Champions are made when no one is watching

                                actually had a fitness anaylsis done several months ago that measured body fat, strength, flexibility (needs more work, especially hamstrings), as well as analyzed diet, exercise, etc.  result was that biologically I was 10 yrs younger than my chronological age.  So I guess 43 is the new 53.  your posts are all inspiring, was planning on taking today off, but now am going to go for a run to add one more day to July!!