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    I have started planning for Disney this fall. Need to get a camcorder for the kids, clearly. But then was in Target tonight and realized the GoPro Hero3 White is only $200. I was planning on spending about $300 anyway. So, next thing you know Im researching GoPro 3 models. Many bad reviews. However, great reviews on GoPro and GoPro 2. So, my current thinking is getting the GoPro2 for about $280 for an 11MP camera with great reviews and reliability, or spending about $200 for the GoPro3 White 5MP. Even though the reviews are much worse for the GP3, Im thinking it comes down to 2 main things. (1) poor case design. Several complaints of poor battery life. Several complaints of how the overly tight case makes the WiFi come on too often. (2) Software glitch. These should have been corrected prior to shipment, but this is not a small company. I believe they will put out fixes quickly.


    So- Back to my dilemna. Does anyone have GP2 or GP3 white? How are they for use as a "regular" camcorder? I like the idea of having a waterproof video camera, because, frankly - you never know. Also getting use out of a GP camera for running would be an added benefit. Id rather buy a couple accessories - batteries, LCD screen, chest harness - and have the best of both, than to buy another "regular" camcorder that dies from some simple - small drops - or other life events.

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      I don't know much about it for running, but GoPros are pretty much the gold standard for bike recording devices.  I really wish I'd had one in Nov. when I broke my wrist, since I still don't entirely know what happened and I was bringing up the rear, so no one saw how I went down.  I still remember reaching out to avoid a tree, but maybe I only imagine that happened.  I still had no dirt on me, so it doesn't look like I crashed, either.

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