Streak threshold or inclusion checkmark (Read 363 times)

    I had to run a very short run the other day when I found I was too sore to continue.  I didn't want to ignore the run completely, so I logged it.  But of course it was included in the streak calculation.  I know some people track their streaks, but only for runs longer than 1 mile.  I was thinking that a streak threshold would be best (user settable?), but that might be hard to implement, so an alternate solution would be to have the run entry could have a checkmark "include in streak", which I think would be easier.


    I moved the short run to the next day as a workaround.

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews | lking@pobox.com

      Hi Lou,

      I've added your request to the queue.  It'll probably be added in the log revamp project.