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    Jan/Feb 2012 Issue of Walk About Magazine



    Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 Double Agent #22  It's a perfect day and I feel great!


      Congrats! Despite having to squint, I really enjoyed reading your article. Finishing 15 marathons and getting into the Maniacs is an awesome accomplishment. Thanks for posting--those kind of articles pump me up.


      Half Fanatic #846

        WTG, Maniac Fay!!


        I'm just a Fanatic who got sidetracked by 5Ks in the last few months, but you've inspired me to start scheduling some more half marathons soon - maybe even a marathon later - who knows? Enjoyed the article, thanks.



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          read the whole article & enjoyed it.   No plans to follow your exact footsteps on becoming a maniac but still very motivating.

            Our own Rose is now a famous Maniac!  Good article and good job, Fay!

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              Thank you so much for this inspiring article...

              I'll celebrate my 50th birthday, and having overtrained last summer while preparing for my first half marathon (i.e. my first race ever) in October, I  just jumped back on the running-wagon, thinking I just started running too old (when I was 44) to set myself any racing goals.

              And this after having been dreaming for years of once running a trail-race (I love hiking too...). 

              So I stored away that dream... but after having read your article... I think I'm starting to dream again!

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                Go Fay go . . . and continue to inspire us all!


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                Am I doing this right?

                  That's a great story!  Way to go, Fay!

                  No excuses....


                    Nice work! 

                    HTFU?  Why not!

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                      That is so great! Enjoyed reading your article Smile

                      old woman w/hobby

                        So cool Rose!



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