First 5 miler for me too!! (Read 695 times)

    So today's run was suppose to be 4 miles, maybe a little more tacked on in the middle of the run. Well that little more ended up having me finish at 4.20 mi. Who could stop without finishing that 1/4 mile? I couldn't. Once I got past my usual stopping point I just felt so good that I thought I would go a little more. I ended up going 5 miles! That is the first time for me, EVER!! I have been so looking forward to that distance. I never expected it this soon, or unplanned. It amazes me that I can tell people, "I ran 5 miles today." Crazy! I love this stuff! I will reign it in a little in the next two weeks though because I have another 5K that I really want to PR in. Why didn't I find this running thing sooner?
      Why didn't I find this running thing sooner?
      I ask myself the same thing sometimes.

      When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Yay, isn't that the greatest feeling?! In no time you will be doing 10 milers and 5 will be a short run. Smile It's totally addicting! Big grin

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          That is awesome. That is kind of how I got my first 5-miler. Congratulations! Remember when .5 miles used to be hard???????





          One day at a time

            Debbie, congratulations!!! You're doing great.

            Another Passion

              Fantastic, Debbie! Those milestones are so awesome to attain. Keep at it... the sky's the limit... Wink

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