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Bob Bob and Bob

    As always, great site.


    I often run a different route depending on weather, time of day, or whatever.  But I don't come close to naming every route I run.


    I think it  would be nice to be able to be able to use "next page" and "previous page" under the MAP tab to scroll through maps of previous or next runs.  Right now if you use the next page/previous page arrows (top right) it brings me to the right run, but it comes up with the SUMMARY tab, rather than the MAP tab.  Then I have to go through the step of clicking on the MAP tab to get me the info I want.


    So I would propose that if I click "next page" while looking at a map, it would give me the map of the next run.  Not the summary of the next run.


    Hopefully that makes sense.


    Not a huge issue.  Just thinking out loud.


    Thanks.  (Great site.)

      Hi Bob,

      Your request makes total sense.  I've added it to my list of todos.  It will be added as part of the workout editor redesign project.