Forerunner 305 wont turn on (Read 1233 times)

    Hi! I am using a Forerunner 305 for about a year for my running. Today suddenly it wont turn on. It never had any problem till today. I plug it to USB port on my computer for a couple of hours, still nothing happened. Did anyone experience anything like this?


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      Try a soft reset to wake it up by pressing the "Mode"(reset/lap) and "Power" buttons at the same time.


      If that doesn't work, you can go all the way to the nuclear option and go for a hard reset  by pressing MODE and RESET together, release just the RESET button and continue to hold the MODE. Now press the POWER-ON still holding the Mode button. This boots up the Forerunner into an 'erase all?' menu."

      If you do the hard reset, all the history and settings will be flushed from the device.

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          I expect the solutions above will sort you out, but mine did this and nothing would fix it.  It was dead for 2 weeks, then I decided to try charging and using one last time (before buying a new one), and it came back to life.  This has happened a couple of times since.
            Mine started doing this same thing. Then it worked fine for a couple of months, then it got worse. Sometimes I could get it to turn on but it would turn off in the middle of a run (which is maddening.) I finally just tossed it and bought a new one.

              Interesting -- I have a 205  --  and a few months ago, it was coming on and just froze....afterwhich, I couldn't get to do anything.....


              It healed itself a week or so later and its been fine since.......sounds like this is a pretty normal thing.....

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                No it's not normal.  I've had two 205's and 1 305 and when they started doing this kind of thing it wasn't long before they were completely done.  My 305 experienced a heavy downpour during one training run in the spring and ever since it has been flaky - randomly turning off in the middle of a run.   I tried the master reset, putting it in a bag full of dessicant, baking it all to no avail.  L:ast week it finally just refused to turn on no matter what I do.  Garmin tech support could not resuscitate it.  It is now in a box going back to Garmin for replacement.  $86.99

                I tell you this - I won't buy another 305 after this next one goes out.  I'll spring for the 310XT which, from user reports so far, is waterproof and a little more rugged than the 205/305.

                  Glad I did a forum search for this.  My Garmin FR305 wouldn't turn on this AM.  I did the master re-set and it seems to have worked.  I have had this 3.5 years without one glitch.  Hopefully this isn't a sign it is on its way out.......

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                    My 205 crashed on me this morning right before a race. I got even with it by never looking at it during the race. But it did work, as I do have splits on it to admire after the fact....

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                      Used my 305 this morning after a re-set yesterday............all seems to be working fine and I didn't lose any data.  HMMMMM.......I hope all is good.

                      ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

                      Stop being a fat slob.

                      Run more miles than last year.