Bob Hearn (Read 111 times)


    RA's own BHearn killing it in hour 33 of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra.


    Started at 2000ish runners, now down to 18.  Compelling drama and fun commentary between the runners, if you geek out on that kind of thing.




    Do you know the feeling I know? When your legs have disappeared, and there is only your heart, your lungs, and your eyes skimming disembodied through the air? - Jeff


      that is so cool!!! i saw a link to this run a few days ago, cool idea!

      Pain is my friend

        He is doing great and consistent as always.

        ATY 24   141.445 2019 1st

        Bear 100 22:08 2021 

        Jackpot 100 Feb 14:59 - 5th

        St George marathon Oct 1st 2:58

        ATY 24 130.969 2022 2nd


        Pulse endurance 12 hour 76.22 1ST CR

        June 24 hour Six days in the Dome

        July Backyard ultra

        Sept Bear 100