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    First off, I use this site more for my swimming than running, but when I try to graph my results by going Graph --> Weekly Graph, it will only come up with a graph of running results. My suggestion is to have a drop down menu, or at least a button, to choose which sport you want graphed. Another request I have is to be able to have all the sports on the one column graph, like the stacked column graphs in exel.
      Welcome! There is a work-around for graphing with the swimming option. First, make sure that you've got swimming set as your default workout. (Go to Options-->My Log Preferences-->Primary Workout-->Swim) Then, make sure that you have advanced graphing as the default. (Options-->My Log Preferences-->Graphing--> Set advanced graphing as default.) It sounds like you've got it set to default as the Basic Graph. Which, unfortunately, isn't smart enough to understand that you want swimming graphs. When you go to graphing next, your swimming workouts will be listed and graphed. Smile Hope this helps! Janell

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        Thank you very much for your reply, but I was already aware of the work around. I decided to suggest it anyway because I thought it was time consuming to keep swapping the options around (I also use the site for running, and I like to see how I'm going). Thank you very much anyway. Benh66