got my sling off my left arm 7/17 then started running again (Read 688 times)


    broke my collarbone over 2 months ago and couldn't do much at all. got my sling off 7/17, with in a week running 3 times (4 miles) when from 34:16 mins to 32 something to 30. this week run 2 times got 30:30 and 29:52. getting ready for a 5k race in my town the 8/17. ( i'm just happy my time are mostly getting better, hope to keep it up, if my legs allow) -7/30
      Good job!! I broke my left collar bone playing football as a teenager. One of the most painful experiences I have ever had. The initial injury didn't hurt much but soon as I tired to move it.... That first week was pretty difficult. I want tell you Good job for pulling through! PS I sure hope you didn't hurt the shoulder you would sleep on. Really sucks if you have to learn a whole new way to sleep.


        way to heal up! Broken bones are the worst! Nice to see you're runnung already :-)

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