Not much to show off about.... (Read 818 times)

    ...but I'd thought I'd post it anyways.


    I did my first proper run for ages today. (perhaps 2 years?) Very cliched I know to start again on New Year's Day, but whatever.


    Felt awful, but feeling better for it now.


    Maybe this comeback I will get back to being able to do myself justice in races. (but probably not)


    I apologise for the self-absorbed nature of this post, but it just seems easier for me to motivate if it seems like 'people' are taking notice, haha.

      Welcome back to running. I have been having  those comebacks quite a bit lately (although not with a 2 years gap) and I know they are not fun. For me, life and work get in the way of running. Good luck going forward. And no need to apologize, these forums are a great source of motivation so use them for that.

      running is somewhat like playing golf to me.   crappy shots all day long, ready to give it up & wondering why I'm trying so hard just to get this stupid little ball into a stupid little hole but then out of the blue comes a monster drive or a long putt that actually gets into the cup.  bingo! that one shot keeps me going for the rest of day no matter how crappy I continue to play & gets me back out again on another day.   strange. -- skyedog

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        Hey, good for you! Actually, I'm amazed that you could start right out with 5 mi. Got any races planned? I think paid-for races are more motivational than imaginary running board friends giving you attaboys. 

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          Thanks guys.


          Right now I'm finding it hard to think about racing. I'm going to give it 6-8 weeks easy running, and not put too much pressure on any goals other than get out most days and try to enjoy it. It's been my downfall in the past when I've made similar comebacks, started racing too soon and then getting downhearted when I'm so much slower than I used to be.


          Then perhaps I can think about racing once I'm in some sort of fitness.


          I'm lucky in the sense that I don't tend to put on weight, even in periods of relative inactivity (and often pretty poor nutrition wise).

            Great attitude!


            yep that's the best thing you can do, just get out there "most days"  go easy, enjoy & have fun, find some fun trails, explore your town or area through running & most important,  don't worry about pace or races yet.    

              I started back running last year around this time, also with a large gap. Like you, my times used to be much faster too, but I still did a couple of races just for fun. I like pushing myself and can accept that I am not in the same shape I used to be. I started with a 5k in January and then went to longer distances (including a marathon in April that I was way under-trained for).


              However, as the year progressed, I started really improving my times. I did a half-marathon last February in 2:05 and by November that was down to 1:39. I am hoping to break 1:30 in 2012.


              Welcome back.



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                You've done a run. The 2 year gap is gone. Keep moving forward. It's not long since your last run. Smile

                "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


                Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)



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