Well, I didn't qualify for Boston this weekend... (Read 958 times)

    but somehow I managed to come in 3rd in my age group (20-29) at a local 10k! I've never been more shocked in my whole life. I don't know how it happened, but it certainly made my weekend. Of course now I'm realizing that I could've run my half a bit faster a couple weeks ago. On that day my 9:20 pace felt grueling. And yet I was able to hang in there with a 8:25ish for 6 miles on Saturday. I don't get it. Confused
      Nice job, and every day is different - every run is different. Don't sweat it about the half, just revel in the accomplishment of the 10K.
        wow - nice job Amber!! i felt the same way about my last HM. I think sometimes you just have a bad day. And then there are days like your 10K - which totally make up for it. Smile

          Great race Amber!


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            Well done! Congrats.

            Run until the trail runs out.

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              Very cool! Congrats.

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