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    Hi I went yesterday to try on running shoes and im normally an 8.5 but the guy had me try a pair of brooks trance in a 9.5 they felt comfortable not to big but they were new and im concerned that if they strecth they will be to big and its and expensive shoe do most people wear a larger size shoe for running than their normal shoe size i have asics for the gym they are 8.5 but are a bit tight across the shoe
      I know my running shoes are bigger than my non-running shoes. No. Wait. I haven't bought non-running shoes in well over a year... Maybe my feet have changed... Wink Who needs non-running shoes when your old running shoes are so comfortable? Clowning around

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        I've heard that a lot of people wearing 1/2 size to even two sizes bigger in running shoes. I normally wear a 6 and wear a 6.5 in running shoes. Yes, I have very small feet. Blush
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          I wear the same size, but I wear wide shoes and most street shoes don't have the option of wides, so I would probably wear a smaller street shoe size if I could get wides in everything.

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            They usually recommend that you go about a size bigger than normal since your feet will be swelling when you run. Here's some info from ePodiatry.com: http://www.epodiatry.com/running-shoes.htm How to fit running shoes: Once the type of running shoe is matched to the type of foot, several brands and models should be tried on for comfort and fit. Tips on how to make sure the shoe fits: * check for adequate length by determining if there is a full thumb. width between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. * the toe box should allow the toes to move around. * the shoe should have adequate length at the widest part of the foot - it should not be too tight, but the foot should not slide around either. * if in doubt, err on the larger size. * the heel counter should fit snugly - the heel should not slip and rub. * go for a run in them - how do they feel? * try several brands and models in the type of running shoe that you need - they will all have different fit and comfort characteristics. * get both feet measured (most people have one foot that is bigger than the other - this may or may not be a significant amount) - the running shoes should be fitted to the larger foot. * make sure the running shoe sole flexes easily where the foot flexes. * if you have orthotics, fit the shoes with them in. Also, buy shoes with insoles that can be removed so you can modify or replace them with orthotics. * Do not rely on a break in period - running shoes should feel good the day you buy them.
              My running shoes have always been a full size bigger than my normal shoes.

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                My running shoes are a 9, my regular shoe size is 7.5 And whenever I try to run in anything less, I get black toenails galore. Tongue

                  thanks guys i havea pair 9.5 on laybe and they have got in a 9 so i can compare i usually wear an 8.5

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                    The size bigger things works for me too. I usually wear 6.5 and have 7.5 running shoes.

                      ok got them i ended up with going a half a size larger i got broos trance and tey are so comfortble